Wild Tongues: A Women of Color Festival

Saturday, August 2, 1997, 4-8pm
@ Lafayette Presbyterian Church
85 S. Oxford Street
Brooklyn, NY

August marks six months since the conception of SAWCC. To celebrate this event. we will have a special festival of work sharing. The evening will include performance pieces, dances, readings, films, a visual arts show, book tables, information tables, food, drinks, and handicrafts for sale by women attending the festival.
It will be an evening to remember and honor women who have been inspirational for us, be they mothers, poets, or activists. We will be telling our stories through poetry, performances, and other expressive forms.
We will have readings by Tahira Naqvi and Asha Bandele, singing by Imani, dancing by Tala Dowlatshahi, and many other powerful women.

Why a Women of Color-Only Event?
As our first exercise in coalition-builidng, we will begin with “sisters in the struggle” and slowly push the boundaries to create new frontiers in our art and movements. We spend so much of our lives explaining ourselves, our families, choices and cultures, that we are often left with little energy to go beyond these interactions to actively push and create. This will be an evening where we will come together with some sharing understanding of what it means to be women of color in America and how that impacts our creativity. SAWCC will place itself within the specific historical context of a lineage of South Asian women who have created for centuries and the geographic context of the diaspora where we exist as women of color who have been cultural workers through our chosen forms of expression.

Sponsors and supporters: Kitchen Table Press, Audre Lorde Project, Apicha, Asian American Writer’s Workshop, South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association and Kilawin Kolektibo