Yoni Ki Raat: A Transformational Performance Project

SAWCC is proud to co-sponsor Yoni ki Raat
@ Helen Mills Theatre
139 W 26th Street
New York, NY

May 16th, 8 pm
May 17th, 4 pm
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What is Yoni ki Raat?
Yoni ki Raat (Night of the Vagina) is a transformational performance project by and about South Asian women in New York City. We are six women who feel compelled to tell our stories, own our truths and encourage dialogue within our community. This show incorporates monologues and movement, weaving narratives to paint a picture of our innermost stories. Yoni ki Raat will touch every taboo topic, especially about our bodies, sexuality, gender and relationships, and surrender to a process of transformation.

Our project is inspired by Yoni ki Baat (Talks of the Vagina) which was started by the South Asian Sisters in the Bay area over eleven years ago, and also by the Seattle productions which are now in their tenth year. We are finally bringing it to New York City!

Why is this project necessary?
Because it’s never been done in NYC. At the intersection of storytelling and dance and at the crossroads of South Asian culture and gender, we have created the space we need. We need it for our own survival; our yonis need to release truths that need to be heard and held. We hope to break stereotypes, and find our voices and empowerment in the process of putting out our own narratives.

In doing so, we hope to build community around this telling. We hope to open up a space for dialogue that is critically needed within a culture that discourages this type of discussion. As we listen with our bodies, we will encourage our audience to do the same.

Risks & Challenges
The challenge is one that transcends cultural boundaries – six incredible South Asian women will be sharing personal, intimate, important and vulnerable stories to spark a dialogue we feel is so badly needed.

How Can You Help?
Contribute via our Indiegogo campaign!

Some people just can’t contribute, and we understand that. That doesn’t mean you can’t help! Some other ways you can help:

– Get the word out and make some noise about our project!
– Use the Indiegogo share tools and help us spread the word.
– Follow us on Facebook!

Why do we need these funds?
This is a yoni first in New York.  We have no grant money and no organizational funding. All creative development as well as event coordination is being done by six deeply committed women. We need money for the show venue, rehearsal space, food/fuel for the 12 rehearsal sessions which last 3 hours each, printing flyers and programs, to compensate people for the hours of labor and love they are putting into making this show happen, and a closing reception, celebration and evaluation. This is not only a performance, this is a 9-week transformative process that gives birth to our community’s liberation.

Proceeds from all shows benefit organizations working to end violence against women.

Yoni ki Baat was inspired by The Vagina Monologues written by Eve Ensler. These monologues were a collection of women’s stories to be spoken out on V-Day, a campaign to end violence against women.