Video and Photos: Freedom. Safety. NOW. Creative Action Against Gender-Based Violence

SAWCC’s action at the Indian Consulate on Republic Day, Saturday, January 26th, was a success. SAWCC women showed up in the freezing cold to protest against gender-based violence in response to the recent rape and murder of Jyoti Singh Pandey. The creative efforts of SAWCC women to express outrage against sexual violence and pay tribute to Jyoti Singh proved to be both powerful and fun, full of music, colorful posters, and a dance choreographed by Parijat Desai.

See below for videos and photos from the action. We hope to see you at a followup action, currently in the planning stages.

Freedom. Safety. NOW! from SAWCC on Vimeo.

SAWCC’s creative action at the Indian Consulate on Republic Day protesting against all forms of sexual and gender-based violence and paying tribute to the memory of Jyoti Singh Pandey.

January 26, 2013
New York City

Letter pressed posters by Swati Khurana.

Choreography led by Parijat Desai, with Jaishri Abichandani, Fariba Salma Alam, Roohi Choudhry and Alka Dev.

Participants: Rekha Vishwanathan, Rashmi Vishwanathan, Anjana Samant, Roshini Thakore, Natasha Raheja, Shruti Parekh, Neesha Meminger, Jaishri Abichandani, Roohi Choudhry and Alka Dev

Video by Shruti Parekh

Video by Edel Kelly