‘Never Have I Ever’ Netflix Party & Zoom Gathering!

SAWCC is hosting a watch party for Mindy Kaling’s new show, Never Have I Ever, Sunday, May 3rd, 4­:00–5:30 PM! Register to attend on Eventbrite here– http://bit.ly/sawcc-np

Mindy Kaling has been a complicated figure in our community since she first entered the public sphere in 2005 as a staff writer and actress on The Office. Her new show on Netflix, Never Have I Ever, appears to be her most personal and intersectional comedy series yet, so how does it hold up?

Join SAWCC for a Netflix Party watch of the premier episode of Never Have I Ever, followed by a gathering on Zoom to discuss the episode and Kaling as a case study for considering South Asian representation, “allies,” “monoliths,” and more.

You must register to attend the event here: http://bit.ly/sawcc-np. Once registered, SAWCC will send a follow-up email with the Netflix Party link for the watch party and a Zoom link for the discussion. *Feel free to watch the episode in advance so you don’t miss too much during the chat!

Instructions for Downloading Netflix Party: 

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension which uses a built-in chat feature for us to discuss the episode together while practicing social distancing. If you’re interested in participating, here are the 3 easy steps to set up Netflix Party: 

1. While in Google Chrome Browser, click here and hit the “Install Netflix Party” button at the top-right of the screen. Once you are redirected to the Chrome Web Store, click “Add to Chrome” to finish installing Netflix Party. Netflix Party is not available on any other type of browser other than Google Chrome.

2. On event day, SAWCC will send you a Netflix Party URL which will direct to Netflix’s website. You must have your own Netflix account and be logged-in. Then click on the “NP” button next to the address bar, and you will automatically join the party (don’t forget this step, otherwise you’ll be playing the episode on your own and won’t be able to join the chat!).

3. Feel free to comment along with us in the chat during the show! Click on your icon/avatar at the top-right of the chat box and enter your name, or if you prefer, you can comment anonymously. SAWCC will have control of playing the video, which will allow all guests using Netflix Party to be synced up.