Call for Performance Art Proposals for BEAUTY – Deadline Extended!

Curated by the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective
at DUMBO Arts Festival, 2014
Deadline for proposals: Friday, July 18, 2014

Beauty can compel, destroy, inspire.  A billion dollar industry ensures that women are forever insecure by their lack of beauty, and yet there are efforts by activists, humanists, and feminists to redefine and reclaim what beauty is.  Spiritual exegesis assert that outer beauty is ephemeral and true beauty is within, and yet studies have shown that attractive people are more successful, even happier, in the world.

On the heels of the resounding success of the groundbreaking Sublime presented at the 2013 DUMBO Arts Festival and its reprisal at the Brooklyn Museum in 2014, the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective now invites you to grapple with the contentious, uplifting, complex concept of BEAUTY through live experimental performance works that educate, fascinate, inspire, challenge, and create dialogue and discussion about, but not limited to, standards of beauty, skin color, body image, clothing, cosmetic surgery, eating disorders, modesty, and media influences on our self-image for the 2014 DUMBO Arts Festival on September 27 and 28, 2014.

Works by South Asian women artists that are low- or no-tech and that can be presented in either an indoor or outdoor location will be considered.  Interactive, participatory, and/or durational performances are of interest, such as, but not limited to, happenings, human sculptures and tableaus, interactive performances, installations, dance and movement, pageant and parades.

Due to time and budget constraints, SAWCC cannot provide funds for travel or accommodations; however, a modest honorarium will be provided for all performance pieces that have been selected for BEAUTY.

Please submit a one page proposal with a detailed paragraph describing your proposed performance project, including the duration/length of the work(s) and any needs, constraints, and/or flexibilities regarding space, time, and materials. Also, include a one page artist biography, your mailing address, email, telephone, and your website and/or relevant links to your work online.

To submit your proposal or for any questions, please email:

Deadline for proposals: Friday, July 18, 2014.

Image: Most Disheveled Child from The UnSuitable Girls by Anjali Bhargava/Swati Khurana