Video: Movement to Power

Movement to Power from SAWCC on Vimeo.

How do we end violence and heal ourselves? See for yourself in Movement to Power, a short film capturing the free SAWCC six-week creative arts workshop series for healing. We brought together Asian American survivors of gender and sexual violence, gender justice advocates, and community members invested in ending violence to move, express, heal, and transform our relationship to violence — and ourselves.

With time, care, and attention, we and the world can change. This short film documents practices, strategies, and tools for increasing self-love, choicefulness, strength, and growth as explored by workshop participants with facilitators Purvi Shah, Parul Shah, Deesha Narichania. We hope you and others will develop future creative arts workshops for women of color working towards self-healing, self-empowerment, and ending violence.

Movement to Power is an art and activism project organized by the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective to raise awareness of sexual and gender-based violence issues through public art. In early 2013 SAWCC developed Freedom. Safety. Now! with Parijat Desai and Jaishri Abichandani. Movement to Power emerged as part of  that response, and has expanded to address issues of women’s sexual freedom and safety, specifically addressing violence in Asian American communities. SAWCC thanks the Asian Women Giving Circle for their support and funding for this project.